Hi! My name is Brent "Meowza" Kobayashi,
an illustrator, designer, and gum aficionado
from beautiful Vancouver, Canada.
I create art for games, prints, products,
and maybe some other things.

I'm currently the artist for Spry Fox.

I developed the style and look of Tiny Speck's
Glitch as the Art Director/Senior Illustrator.

I'm also the artist behind Kukubee!

Feel free to have a browse, peruse,
or gander at some of my work.

- Brent K

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A few sneak peaks of a new concept named, UNTITLED PANDA GAME PROJECT.

I am currently the artist on Spry Fox's Road Not Taken for the PS4™ and Steam. We are also working on 8 million other games that I can't quite share yet.

I was the Art Director/Senior Illustrator for Tiny Speck's browser-based MMO, Glitch. I was responsible for developing the look and style of the GDC Visual Art award nominated game. Glitch was big. Massive. Here's a small sampling of what I was responsible for:

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Here are a few random pieces from various collections, shows, prints, I've created art for.

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I'm a self-taught illustrator, designer, and director from Vancouver, Canada.

My specialties include Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and art directing. I am proficient in vector illustration, concept art, asset file size optimization, animation, and have a good understanding of Actionscript 2/3 having built my own hobby games outside of work.

My greatest experience in showcasing all my skills was working as an Art Director/Senior Illustrator for Tiny Speck's MMO, Glitch, where I had the opportunity to develop the style of the entire game. I was the sole full-time illustrator through Alpha which was the most daunting, demanding and most exciting time of my career. My favorite thing about working for Tiny Speck was working on a small team, everyone had the opportunity to take ownership of what they worked on. It truly was the most creative environment I've ever experienced.

Before then, I was the artist in Residence at Aviary, Inc where I was responsible for branding, designing logos for the various applications, designing pitch decks, and creating promotional material. I've been fortunate enough to have worked two dream jobs in my life already.

Aside from illustrating, I have a huge passion for image editing. I'm a published author, having authored the book More Than One Way to Skin a Cat, a tutorial book where you (yeah, you!) can learn to create your very own photo edits. My work has been featured in countless (if you can't count too, too high) publications including Mac Life, ImagineFX, Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative, and PSD Magazine.

Outside of art, I love video games of all sorts, sodas of all flavours, pants of all colours, and not sleeping.

My weaknesses include writing About pages for myself.

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I also have an Etsy shop!

And don't forget to check out our other shop, Kukubee on Etsy.

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Have any questions or comments?
Interested in working together on a project?
Want to talk about the continuity errors throughout the Saved by the Bell series?
Drop me a line!

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